Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The Best Valentines Day Gifts for your Girlfriend

You might be in the doubt that, "What is a good valentines day gift for my girlfriend?". Well I have a list of great Valentine's day gifts to gift your girlfriend!
It doesn't a lot to make your Girlfriend happy, there are cheap and quality items and things that you can gift your love. I'll talk about valentine's day gifts on a budget too in this post, read on.

A Photo Album!

This one works really well. Make a photo album with photos of you and your girlfriend picturing your relationship from the start. Print all the pictures and selfies you took on your smartphone/camera and make it an epic romantic album of your memories. She will be stunned to see that and will probably on her tears seeing it! This will be one of the most awesome Valentine's day gifts for her!

Image source : http://pixabay.com/p-256889/?no_redirect

A Music CD

Well, just a music CD will not do any good. What you have to do is to make a personalized list of romantic songs she just loves. If you don't know which all songs she likes, just peep into her phone and look for the 'Most played songs' list. What better Valentine's day gift can you gift her!A bonus tip : If you can, print the cover and the other side of CD with her photos.
Image source : https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1273/729874990_218dc8a03f.jpg

A Teddy

You might already have given your lover a Teddy bear, if you haven't just gift it now! It should be on the top of your list when shopping for valentine's day gift for your girlfriend (and gift a BIG one!).
Image source : http://media.tumblr.com/f6b19009fae843b97db8f1176407a150/tumblr_inline_mi4pr2I5GA1qz4rgp.jpg

A Kitten!

Girls love kitten as much as they love a Teddy! Gift her a cute little kitten in a nice little basket, and that would be the only gift you'll ever have to give her.
Image source : http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/75/Cute_grey_kitten.jpg

Get A Tattoo

Do I have to explain more about this? Getting a tattoo on your body of her name/alphabet, would make her go nuts. And because it is permanent, it will be there with you for life. Bonus tip : Get a coupled tattoo, let one tattoo complete the other word of your partner's tattoo.
Image Source : http://img.kvik.com.ar/files/20140514/1400020345e48ff29ef7eac11235a7d5515fe83eb4.jpg

A Box of Candies/Chocolates

This may be a small one, but a box full of her favorite candies is something she just can't resist. Candies & Chocolates are a weakness for every girl in this world. You have given her chocolates, why no give a box full of them this Valentine and make her more than happy!
Image Source http://images1.fanpop.com/images/photos/2300000/Box-of-Chocolate-Candy-chocolate-2317057-1024-768.jpg

Personalized Mug

With personalized, I meant highly personalized and it should be meant only for her. For some ideas, write about a memorable moment you both had and thank her for that. Think for better ideas though!
Image source : http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-BZj2HIuXz4w/UJwvmwCQ1DI/AAAAAAAABKw/5-ZAqAF02-I/s400/tazaconmensaje.jpg
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That's it for now, I will add more and more great valentine's day gifts for girlfriend/lovers/wives. If I missed something, just comment below. And let me know your opinion on this!