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Happy Chocolate Day 2017 Quotes

Happy Chocolate Day 2017 Quotes : Chocolate day is the 3rd day in the days before Valentine's day! It is happening on February 9th this year. You can see some of the best Happy chocolate day 2017 quotes in this page.

Chocolate day is the day of chocolates. You have to celebrate the day with chocolates and also with these amazing happy chocolate day 2017 quotes. You can share these awesome chocolate day 2017 quotes with your lover, husband, wife, bf or gf on WhatsApp or Facebook.

Happy Chocolate Day 2017 Quotes

Happy Chocolate Day 2017 Quotes

If u are a Teddy Bear u are the most huggable,
If u are a Star u are the Brightest, and since u are my Sweet Heart..
    “Happy chocolate day”

Today is chocolate day,
Dairy milk 4 love,
Perk for friends,
Kit Kat for best friends,
Polo for hatred,
And mentos for cool persons,
what do you choose 4 me
Best Wishes on Happy Chocolate Day. 

Nothing is better than true love which is your s forever but not if it comes with a chocolate.  Than the later one is better. Happy chocolate day sweet heart…

Life is Like a Chocolate Box,
Each Chocolate is like a portion of life,
Some are crunchy, some r nutty, Some r soft,
but all r Delicious.
Happy Chocolate Day.

A Dairy Milk Chocolate
Specially 4 U
Happy Chocolate Day
I think I do myself a disservice by comparing myself to Steve Jobs and Walt Disney and human beings that we've seen before. It should be more like Willy Wonka... and welcome to my chocolate factory. Happy Chocolate Day

Will looked horrified.
“What kind of monster could possibly hate chocolate?”
Happy Chocolate Day!

Memories are loved nobody will steal,
Parting is sorrow nobody will heal,
Some can forget you gone however
I’ll bear in mind you notwithstanding,
Happy Chocolate Day.

For a dairy milk person,
From a five star friend,
For a melody reason,
And a kitkat time,
On a munch day,
In a perk mood to say,
Happy Chocolate Day 2017

 Love Is Like A Chewing Gum,
It Tastes Only In The Beginning!
But Friendship Is Like Chocolate,
It Tastes Till It Ends!
Happy Chocolate Day 2017

‘Love is like a chewing gum,
it tastes only in the beginning!
But friendship is like chocolate,
it tastes till it ends!’
Happy Chocolate Day to my sweet heart.

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Happy Chocolate Day 2017 Quotes

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