List Of 7 Days Before Valentines Day - Valentines Day Week List 2016

list of 7 days before valentines day

The Valentine's day is not for a day, it comes after 7 special days. You might know it, but I'll once again list the seven days before Valentine's day. And also, I'll list the importance of these days and the things you can do in these 7 days.
Below is the list of the seven days before valentine's day and the dates of the 7 days, with the names of the days too.

List Of 7 Days Before Valentines Day 2015

Rose Day : February 7 2015, Saturday

Propose Day : February 8 2015, Sunday

Chocolate Day : February 9 2015, Monday

Teddy Day : February 10, Tuesday

Promise Day : February 11, Wednesday

Hug Day : February 12, Thursday

Kiss Day : February 13, Friday

Valentine's Day : February 14, Saturday